South Street Church

These windows were originally part of the Old Christian Church located on South Street in Chardon, Ohio. The original church was built in 1857 with an addition built in 1911. The addition featured beautiful stained-glass windows throughout. 

When the church was torn down in the 1990’s, Christian Church merged with Pilgrim Christian Church on Chardon square. The stained-glass windows were picked out of the rubble (literally) after dark by a local resident and put into a storage unit for safekeeping. I found the windows a decade later when the storage until was being cleaned out and have been restoring them ever since.

The first restored window was donated to Pilgrim Christian Church to use as part of an auction to raise money for a new church steeple. Other restored windows from this lot have been part of fundraisers for another local non-profit. It’s very rewarding to have these pieces back together and in the light as they were meant to be!