Custom Projects

Beans Coffee Shop – Front Window

This was a window commissioned by owner Sylvia McGee. The tree design is inspired by one of the trees on the square.

Family Pieces

I’m often asked to create pieces that include family photos, either as gifts or as a way to remember a special family member. Other pieces have images that represent the family in some special way.

Beans Coffee Shop

These three windows are fondly referred to as Colleen’s “Where’s Waldos”. Many incorporated elements came from a list provided by Bean’s former owner Colleen Lear.

The Jasmine Dragon

Many of my pieces are custom orders of original design, created in collaboration with the client. This piece was created for Matt Martsolf’s studio on Chardon Square. The design was inspired by artwork on the walls of his studio.

Mindy Carver

This window was commissioned in 2009 to remember preschool teacher Mindy Carver. The piece was designed with input from her fellow teachers to reflect the love and respect they felt for her.

Salon Glow

This piece is incorporated into the front of a reception desk. The goal was to make something that included recycled materials and complimented the overall style of the salon. The window features recycled wine glass bases that were fired in the kiln to smooth out the edges.

South Street Church

These windows were originally part of the Old Christian Church located on South Street in Chardon, Ohio. The original church was built in 1857 with an addition built in 1911. The addition featured beautiful stained glass windows throughout.